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Who we are...

Webservices.ng is made and maintained by Do Media Limited.

Do Media Limited is a Value Added Services (VAS) provider engaged in the provision of VAS to end users mainly subscribers on the platform of Network Operators. We are committed to making most non-core services available on a singular platform.

On webservicesng you can enjoy a varying entertainment services at one stop. We have music (CRBT, full track trending songs) Trivia games, Lottery, Cinema schedule service, Template services (data), video max.

We believe that life should be fun, We exist to maximize the quality of life we couldn't do it without you, with every game you play, every music you buy /play, every informative service you subscribe to  you create engaging happiness and excitement.

Our Motto

We create an avenue for people to make one stop shop for quality entertainment and information.


You can choose your subscription plan, our subscription plans include on demand, weekly and monthly subscription plans.  Transacting on Webservice.ng requires you to fund your wallet

  1. How to fund your wallet; You can fund your directly from your bank Account (Online) ,your subscription fees will be deducted from your wallet .

Our Service Offerings

We provide an amazing collection of Entertainment Services on webservicesng  these include : Trivia games, lottery, cinema schedule, template services, music, CRBT, video max.

  1. Trivia games: Our Trivia games offering are knowledge based games and include the following games:

a. Trivia games: Our Trivia games offering are knowledge based games and include the following games:

  1. 9ja4life: This trivia game is knowledge based and played via question and answer. The questions asked are mainly  about Nigeria ; facts , people , economy, culture natural resources ,government and leaders ,etc

  2. CarLogo : This trivia game is played by correctly identifying the car Logo on display, the player will be given options to choose from ,providing correct answers takes the player to then next level of the game.

  3. ClubCrest : This is for football fans. Club Crests (Logo) are displayed i.e Manchester united crest for instance, player is expected to identify the crest with the club.

  4. Colorgame : This can also be referred to as Color prediction , a player is expected to predict the color before it is displayed , for example , the system world require that the player types in his /her prediction after which the colour for the play will be displayed

  5. Country and Capital : Players are expected to provide correct state capital of the country on display.e.g what is the capital of Nigeria, Answer: Abuja.

  6. Flag: Country flags will be displayed and the players will be requested to match the flag with the right country.

  7. ITK (I too know): This is a combination of all the trivia games on webservices.ng. It is for participants that are well grounded in all our trivia games questions. The questions for this game will be a mixture of all the questions on our platform. This game is in levels, simple, intermediate and top dawg.

  8. Math: This involves knowledge based math question and answer game.

  9. Moviebuff : Participants of this game need to be movie savvy , all the questions on movie buff are generated from movies all around the word . The player can choose where his/her questions emanates from ,i.e Hollywood , Bollywood ,Nollywood, ghallywood

  10. Puzzle ; Word Puzzle game

  11. X and O; This a tic tac toe game match  

  12. 442k ; Sports based prediction and question

  13. Bible Wise; This is a Knowledge based Christian religious Question and answer game. All questions are generated from the Bible  

  14. Animal place and Things; Players are requested to provide data for names, animal, places, things and food in Alphabetical Order.


We have a current catalogue of Hit Songs on our CRBT portal  and options open to you. You can choose to listen to your favourite songs, selesct song as your Caller Ring back tone(CRBT) , Buy song , or share song.

CINEMA Schedule

Our Cinema schedule service provides full free access to all Cinema showtime information covering all major Cinemas throughout Nigeria. It has detailed information on the films showing at all Cinema Locations in Nigeria and updated Showtime’s.


We have various lottery games for subscribers, players stand the chance of winning the prize money. The more subscriptions engaged by a player, the better chance of winning.


An access fee is charged for unlimited access to Video Max we have trending Video. Subscribers can upload their content and view uploaded videos as well.